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A photo of the Niagara river taken along the Riverway, Niagara Falls State Park in the City of Niagara Falls, NY  located within Buffalo-Niagara Falls Metropolitan Area. In the summer, the daytime flow is estimated at 75,000 gal/sec that forms the American Falls Luna Island & Bridal Veil Falls. Perhaps the most well known waterfalls in the world and best source of hydroelectric power source in the Northeast part of United States and Canada.

-Photo taken by Kay Victoria Sto Tomas


It’s Time For Your Wellness Check-up Here at 

KinesioWorks Physical Therapy

It’s the start of summer, the air is warmer and people are out and about with the sun shining brighter in the sky. It is also the perfect time for your yearly Physical Therapy (PT) Wellness Check-up offered here at KinesioWorks PT.

How we can help:

Our role as Physical Therapists is to ensure that you feel better, improve the quality of life and provide the highest quality of individualized care.

One of the many things we do here at KinesioWorks Physical Therapy is Patient Screening to get helpful information about your general health status so therapy is as efficient as possible. Body Composition measurement is important to know specific areas of improvement during physical therapy sessions. We monitor outcomes and improvement during the course of PT. We continually check the efficiency of exercises and provide recommendations for long term success.

As Physical Therapists we strive to provide the best services and help our patients achieve optimum health by advocating for positive health behavior and lifestyle, promoting self-awareness and creating an environment that supports good health practices.

We encourage you to check out our health and wellness program provided by our knowledgeable staff in Wellness:

We also now provide online forms that patients can fill out from the comfort of their own home. 

(Please tap or scan the QR code below for your 

wellness check-up).


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