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Live Gait Analysis and program to enhance your skills and prevent injuries

LIVE 3-Dimensional Capture of gait and running analysis is a method of evaluation and assessment of walking and running biomechanics that uses an optoelectronic three-dimensional motion capture device system. It provides an in-depth observation, analyze individual and athlete's  essential needs, measure training loads, design strength training program, and information to track and enhance walking gait or running gait efficiency and assist clinicians in recommendation of a walking/running program and/or physical therapy plan of care. 

Kinesoworks Physical Therapy is ready and able to provide 3 D Running Gait analysis. We are the only outpatient physical therapy facility in New York City to offer the gold standard method of analyzing the biomechanics of running and walking powered by RunDNA and conducted by a Certified Running Gait Analyst Levels 1 and 2. 

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Contact information: 718-839-3046


Gait Readiness Assessment 

Loading Levels

2 D Assessment

Access to Run DNA App and allows to sync your wearable data with Garmin and Strava to track and upload your workout

Access to Dynamic Training Programs

3 D Gait Analysis


What the research is saying

3 D Gait Analysis is a state-of-the art technology that accurately describes how people walk and run in three-dimensions.


Phinyomark, A., Petri, G., Ibáñez-Marcelo, E., Osis, S. T., & Ferber, R. (2018). Analysis of Big Data in Gait Biomechanics: Current Trends and Future Directions. Journal of medical and biological engineering, 38(2), 244–260.

Kinesioworks Physical Therapy

Service Prices

Compare our service packages and find the best fit for you.

Package 1- Discounted 30%

$ 150.00

Best basic package offer for starters 

Basic assessment and evaluation

A copy of the gait analysis report

Package 2 - Discounted 30%


Package 1 +  single treatment session

Basic assessment and evaluation + Access to Run DNA App for 3 months

Package 1 +  Treatment session

Package 3 -Discounted 30%

$ 499.00

Best Package w/ two treatment session with access to RunDNA App for 6 months

Package 1 + 2 Treatment sessions

Access to App for 6 months

Receive a copy of the 3 D gait analysis via App with program design

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